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Interview with Vidar Jensen (N44)

KJD ZG: When did U first start windsurfing and how it happened?
N44: I started in 1984/85 with the school, with Bjorn he was there as well so I watched him windsurf and I wanted to do the same so we had a course in gymnastic in school and all students started windsurfing, and I signed up for that and that's how I started.
KJD ZG: Here on the GC or back in the Norway?
N44: Here on the GC.
KJD ZG: When did u moved here?
N44: In 1981 so I'm here for a long, long time.
KJD ZG: When did U start competting?
N44: My first amater competition was in 1988, slalom in the Lanzarote, and my first time I competed in the world cup was 1989 in the wave in Holland.
KJD ZG: What is the best result in your carier for U?
N44: Mabe the 1st time I won the world cup in 1997.
And also 2001 here in Playa de Vargas, I had 3 wins here that I'm very happy about.
Than my overall in the wave, I was 3rd one year and two times 4th.
KJD ZG: What was in your had last year in the finalls whan U did one hand double forward? Did U plane it?
N44: Yes, I planed it. I did 2 one hand doubles last year , I did some normal doubles as well. If U want to win Bjorn in the finall heat, U have to do something really spectacular. So I tried to do it and luckly it turned out pretty good and I think that's why I won the heat.
KJD ZG: Were U calm or stresed in that heat?
N44: I was calm. I've been doing it for so many years now so...U know..
KJD ZG: U use Drops and North Sails so tell us what is the best bord and sail U have ever sail with.
N44: I like the NS instinct I enjoj it wery much, I tried all sails but the sail that fits me the best is instinct it works in all kind of the conditions.
And the Drops has a wide variations of a wave bords wich are very good.
I use custom bords, I get them from Drops and I get some custom boards here where my brother works, in Proof.. I have a little bit of everithing.. I really enyoj the bords I have, and the sails are perfect.
It's important that I have a good equipment.

KJD ZG: Is it very very important?
N44: I think so. It's very important because if U have a thoat in your head like that your bord doesn't work 100% U cant't preform well, but I never blame my equipment if I have a bad day or I sail bed.
KJD ZG: What about the worst equipement U have used, equipement to blame for?
N44: I had some bords that didn't work offcourse, I had some sails that weren't 100% but I never had a really bad equipment, I've been really happy that way even when I started, Bjorn helped me out, I could get equipment from him so I think I allways had a top equipment, best U can have. Obviuslly when they making new bords all the time and developing sails it can happen that stuff doesn't work proporly offcourse, but really really bed equipment I never had.
KJD ZG: Do U have a team or are U on your own?
N44: All by myself but I train with my brother so we can push each other. I think it's important to be with other sailors with similar level of experience, U allways push each other, especially on the waves; try to watch the other guys, how they sail, they style …
KJD ZG: What is the best windsurfing spot that U have ever been to?
N44: It's hard to say the best for one spot because I enjoy variation.
KJD ZG: Ok, where were the moast perfect condition U have sail on?
N44: I sailed on Fiji I was there in 1997 for the competition it was really perfect. Long waverideings, big waves really clean, very warm, that was perfect. On Pozo I enjoy perfect day with big jumping or good wave rideing or so. Canarias are good, I like Hawaii, I've been to Australia…
KJD ZG: Jaws?
N44: I never sailed at Jaws, no. It's hard to get there, U have to take a boat… I didn't had opportunity, I hope I will some day.
I enjoy variations. On day U have good jumping, and the next day a good waverideing.

KJD ZG: What is the moast radical spot U've been to?
N44: I'd say Pozo in summer, it's pretty radical. We have 50 knots and good waves, we can jump really high.
KJD ZG: Have U ever been to Guincho, Portugal?
N44: Yeah, that was good to.
KJD ZG: We been there in summer 2002, we had 65 knots…
N44: That's too much, it's not for sailing.
KJD ZG: How many days a year do U windsurf?
N44: I don't know, maybe a half of the year a little bit less maybe, something like every second day.
KJD ZG: And the other half of the year?
N44: The other half is traveling and sitting on the beach waitting for the wind.
KJD ZG: Why did U chose GC?
N44: I came here when I was really yung, before I started windsurfing, my familly lives here. I think it's one of the moast certain places for the wind in the world, it's windy almoast every day, especially in the summer.
KJD ZG: What do U think about freestyle and it's rapid progression, and the kid's doing that crazy stuff?
N44: I think it's cool. Personally I'm gonna stop freestyleing, I think I'm too old for it. I've been doing it for few years now… if U want to keep up with these kids U really have to be out there practicing every day. If U stop practicing for a two or three month U are so far behind them, because the new moves and tricks are comming every day almoast.
And a lot of young kids start windsurfing because of the freestyle and it's good for the market too.
I think it's good for anyone who want to be a little bit radical, U can surf on 10, 15 knots on the flet watter.
KJD ZG: Do U still enjoy windsurfing as much as U did before U become a pro?
N44: I think so. On the bad day maybe not, but on a good day it's perfect as it was when I started. I'm still trying to learn some new stuff, there are good days and there are bad days and I really enjoy good days. There is nothing better than having a perfect day of windsurfing.
KJD ZG: What is now your challange in windsurfing?
N44: Keep up with the yung kids, to try to perform some crazy new stuff…
KJD ZG: What is the coolest move for U now?
N44: I think the crazeist thing is one handed double, for me. It's the moast challenging thing that I've done. I haven't done so many of them, I plane to do some more of them this year...

KJD ZG: R Teritahau said something about the tripples…
N44: Yes, Robby tried some tripples a few years back. I never tried that; sounds pretty crazy. There is no limit in the windsurfing so why not.
KJD ZG: What do U do to be in the good shape?
N44: Sometimes I paddle on a surf bord in the winter when there is no wind, rideing a bike, run a little…ocasionally whan I have small injury I go to gym…I had a knee problem…but I think to be in good shape for winsurfing the best way is to windsurf.
When U can't windsurf U can try some other sports, I play a little bit of golf too.
KJD ZG: Who is the best looking girl in the windsurfing world in your opinion?
N44: There are some good ones, I won't mention any names, but windsurfing chicks aren't really my tipe. I look for the girls outside the windsurfing scene.
KJD ZG: Did U consider comming to Croatia for a PWA freestyle event?
N44: I would like to, but I really can't this year. We have new bords comming for the Super X competition in Costa Brava in 14 days, I never sail that type of boards so I have to practice to go to Costa Brava. I have to slow down in freestyle, especially in the competition, it's hard for me to compete with that yung kids. I have to focus in the super X.
KJD ZG: Have U ever heared for Tine Slabe from Slovenia, he had one really good result last year?
N44: Not. before U told me. I hope to hear more from him.
KJD ZG: Maybe in the finalls?
N44: Yes, maybe I'll see him in the finalls.

KJD ZG: And the last question. Have U ever heared the story about The Captain John Peoplefox called The Bell and The Seven-head monster?
N44: No.
KJD ZG: No?!!!
N44: Sorry, no, but I hope it's a good one!

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